Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Membership terms and conditions / termination rules
When you join Panatta-Gym your membership is for an indefinite period of time. The contract term does not expire with the end of the annual agreement. When a person wishes to cancel their membership, there is a mandatory notice required of one full calendar month prior to the termination date of the contract. If this one-month notice is not given on time, then the membership will be extended by one month to accommodate this requirement, even if you are no longer using the membership. The termination request must be given in writing by filling out the contract termination sheet at the Panatta Gym desk. If you do not inform us in the required time and manor then you are obligated to comply with the payment specified of an additional month.

Article 2. Payment
Membership fees should be paid by means of debit on the 1st day of the month. During registration, the membership fee for the first month should be in cash or via PIN. In the case of a failure of payment there will be € 15,00 administration fee charged. Panatta Gym reserves the right to marginally change the membership fee based on economic developments.

Article 3. Deactivation / holiday
A membership cannot be suspended due to illness or holidays. The risk of temporary disablement due to illness is borne by the member, the membership remains active, and the obligations apply. There is no possibility of temporarily suspending the membership for holiday purposes.

Article 4. Opening hours
Panatta Gym reserves the rights to change it’s opening hours and rates at any time. During official holidays the Gym will be closed without a reduction in membership fees. You are required to leave the training areas 15 minutes before closing time.

Article 5. Conformering overeenkomst
By signing the membership contract, the applicant agrees to comply with the house rules and conditions established by Panatta Gym. Panatta Gym reserves the right, at any time, to refuse access to anyone who does not follow the rules and conditions of the gym. In addition we reserve the right to terminate membership without any right to a refund of already paid fees.

Text is subject to change.

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